ZE5000 is a audio/video over Ethernet adaptor, designed as endpoint of a PC sharing solutions which is to replace traditional video extender. No CPU, memory, OS and anti-virus embedded.
Advantages of ZE5000: Low TCO, Easy to deploy and maintain, Space Saving….etc..
Recommend applications: Innovative multiple video extension.


Light and elegant ZE5000 was designed with side-connections and downstream connections to different devices: 4 x USB2.0 to hot plug any USB devices, downstream video output to endpoint display. Mechanism reserves 75 * 75 and 100 * 100 for VESA mounting. Optional VESA mount bracket for easy integration with VGA monitor.

The theory of VoL Technology:

The innovative circuit design supports Full HD 1080p resolution, high speed transmission, leverage VoL(Video over LAN) technology to extend several different content from a single host PC.
Traditional system structure for video extender was PC based, each client display must be combined with total cost of deployment is higher, also consumed heavy power electricity and not easy to upgrade and maintenance.
The innovative VoL - Video extender changing the system structure on hardware: the PC based media player been replaced by AV over Ethernet Adaptor; the host server is replaced by an industrial grade media server. It means : reducing your electricity usage and lowing whole system carbon footprint .

Application photos

Product Specification


ZE5000 *1
Install guide and Driver CD *1
DC 5V External Power Supply *1
  US $160
VESA bracket
  US $6
1.8m D-Sub 15 pins VGA Cable
  US $7
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