Q1: Can all Phistek zero client products be equipped with PoE function to simplify installation?
A1: Only Phistek AV over LAN Display Terminal P104Px/ P150Px/ P215PN are with PoE option,
      AV over LAN adaptors are without PoE option.

Q2: After Power electricity shutdown and switch back on, the network is reconnected
      but may be no display on client. How it can be improved?
A2: Power electricity shutdown and back on (transient power supply) could cause monitor display EDID not be read completely
      and result “No Display” The solution is:
      Before the whole system is switched back on, disconnect all video cables After system network being connected,
      connect the video cables.

Q3: Requirement of Host system Media server, any special compare with regular PC?

A3: Recommend Phistek Media Server PT05, the merits of PT05 as below:
PT-05 is a very compact size PC, dimension: 200 x 35 x 153mm
Embedded hardware platform, use Intel 3rd generation Core™ i5 processor
Intel HM76 high speed chipsets, DDR31066/1333/1600 SO-DIMM
equipped with a 2.5” SATA hard disc or SSD, CF card insert slot
1x HDMI, 1x DVI-I,
x2 USB2.0, x4 USB3.0 (x1 eSATA)
x1 COM port
x1 audio out
High reliability design , suitable for severe industrial environment.
Compact & Robust, save space, high performance, especially for Industrial application,
such as Digital Signage, Intelligent factory automation, Traffic monitoring, …etc.

Q4: Is there any other network connection except Ethernet network? Such as wi-fi,power line
A4: Wi-Fi connection is not recommended, due to the bandwidth limitation and
      interference. Power line communication may be used for a special environment that
      ethernet network cannot be installed, but the power line network shall be in the same
      IP segment for all application devices. Please contact Phistek sales for further information.